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Nobody has more listings than you do, in fact, your web site cansearch by address and can even show other broker's virtual tours. Butit's been so long since you've updated it that you can hardly rememberthe address! What's your secret weapon?

MLS Linking allows your web-site or other web based information services to be as up to date as MLS is.

  • Virtual ShowCase is one of the few web companies with experience tying web sites directly into the Multiple Listing Service (or MLS) using broker agreements with the local Association of Realtors. This service can make your web site completely self sufficient and one hundred percent maintenance free.
  • In addition to just updating data, a Virtual ShowCase site gives you the ability to offer unique experiences such as virtual tours and automatically updating property plats. These marketing tools are just not available in other media and like magic, they just show up on your web site immediately when they become available. Those countless hours of web site maintenance are ancient history.
  • Already have your own really cool web site? No problem. We can integrate the MLS-Link into your existing design, making site maintenance so last week.
  • Automatic Property Plats use the MLS link to automatically change their content.  As long as MLS data is up to date, the plats will forever be up to date (and never require any maintenance).
  • Future development: We are constantly striving to develop new technologies that allow you to sell more real estate. You're welcome to check our site frequently for these new ideas, or submit a few ideas of your own. We are always eager to help technology work for you!

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