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The AutoPlat can easily be adapted for use with many emerging markets. It can be easily combined with a schedule to show visitors what space is available for their weekend getaway.

Imagine getting a call from a family that wants to build a new home — a home that isn't proposed new construction, but they have the builder,floor plan, and lot all picked out and ready to go. Your empty lot sale just got upgraded to a spec home sale! Or that voice mail from the builder everyone's after. You've never been able to talk to him, but he knows exactly what plot in your new subdivision that he wants to build on, and he needs you to draw up the papers. Where did all those calls come from? Your subdivision's brand new Auto-Plat!

  Belle Bois Subdivision Plat FieldSpan Heights Subdivision Plat  

Auto-Plats are interactive subdivision plats that graphically identify all of the property (plots) in a particular subdivision and mark them as either available or unavailable vacant land or home.

  • Get them involved! No longer just another lot number, Auto-Plats help builders and potential homeowners find the property that’s right for them: lakeside, corner lot, near the clubhouse, near the pool, etc.
  • Sell a home instead of a vacant lot: Auto-Plats can accommodate pre-approved floor plans; turning a vacant lot sale into a new home sale.
  • Build a relationship with your builders! Upgrading a vacant lot to a spec home eliminates risk for your builder, removes another barrier for your homeowner, and increases your bottom line!
  • A virtual tour logo appears on completed homes that have virtual tours available. This works for any home in the subdivision: new or previously owned.
  • Garner Extra Attention: No one has virtual tours of vacant land in MLS. Why not post an IDX Compliant Auto-Plat to MLS as a virtual tour?
  • Zero data entry required! That's right! Your new Auto-Plat can be tied to MLS so you never have to touch it. In fact, our Auto-Plat is so smart, it automatically detects MLS numbers for each plot! When the property changes MLS numbers, or even moves from vacant land to home for sale in MLS, the plat will automatically change the MLS number and insert a "home" icon on the plot! If a home or plot re-enters the market after being sold, it will automatically reappear!
  • No special software required! Because many medium to large corporations are starting to block plugins like Flash and Java on their employee's computers, these plats are designed to work with virtually any web browser without any plugins at all.
  • Don't have MLS? That's okay too, updating your plat is super easy. Contact us for more information!

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